President Trump to Speak at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum


It's official President Trump is going to speak at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum. For those that do not know what the Link Removed is, it is part of the NRA's Annual Meeting and held on Friday, April 28, 12:30PM, at the Georgia World Congress in Atlanta. It is a ticketed event. Firearms will likely be prohibited at this particular event.

While the masses will be attending this event, I will be on the Link Removed. Friday is an easy day and one gets to actually talk to people. The masses go Saturday. The NRA-ILA Leadership Forum will be simulcast in the NRA booth. As usual, you can carry at the meeting, just don't be stupid and pull your gun out to show it to someone:

During the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, lawfully carried firearms will be permitted in the Georgia World Congress Center and the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center in accordance with Georgia law. However, firearms are not allowed in the remainder of the CNN Center, including the food court and shops. When carrying your firearm, remember to follow all federal, state and local laws.

Yes, this will be a fun event. 70,000-80,000 people at a meeting of gun nuts, many of them carrying, right next to CNN. LOL.

Below is a 2014 video by James Yeager with tips about attending the NRA Meeting and Shot Show. Since I attend trade shows regularly anyway, I knew most of this already.


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