Preserving Meat Without Refrigeration


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Preserving Meat Without Refrigeration
By: Esther
If you haven’t considered what would happen without power, start by looking in your kitchen. Your refrigerator would no longer work. Meats and perishables would spoil quickly. While we all want to think we won’t ever be without electricity, no one can predict when the next major world war or other catastrophe will occur.
A major catastrophe that shuts down power plants would be devastating—that is, unless you are prepared and know how to survive. You should learn how to preserve meat without refrigeration. Salting and brining are two efficient, simple means of preserving meat for your family’s sustenance.
Before You Start
You are going to need a source of fresh meat. Beef and pork are both good options. If you have gotten into homesteading, you may have your own pigs and cows; however, you can also purchase fresh meat from a butcher or a co-op that sells beef and pork fresh off the hoof.
Next, you should examine your house thoroughly using a thermometer. As you go from one area to the next, record the temperature. Make sure you check the attic, any unheated areas of your house, your storage shed, and any other shelters on your property. You are looking for the coldest areas; this is where you will store your meat.
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Salt. The answer is salt. Same as what the coastal Indians did in North America.

So stockpile lots of granulated salt with your food and water supplies too.
I remember that in my childhood I always ran alongside my mother and helped her cook, because I liked it very much. Even now, I gladly take all the devices into my own hands and enjoy what I love. Now my daughter loves to help me and she just loves to cook some kind of meat dish. We experimented with her for a long time and came to the conclusion that it’s best to still freeze meat, we did not find other ways to save, but you can cut it into pieces , it will help. A manual meat slicer called Skillet Director helps us with my daughter. He just helps me insanely, and thanks to this I can now give it to use even to my child, I advise everyone, because it is not only safe, but also convenient

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