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God Bless Our Troops!!!
We used the berm again today in a light rain (if it ain't raining you ain't training). The point that was being driven home was the Mozambique drill (also known as the Fallujah two step). The course of instruction was practical in nature and sound in theory. Put two shots in the center of mass and then look for results. If the results aren't immediately apparent a quick follow up shot to the occular socket should do the trick. This was coupled with the notion that lateral movement is your friend for getting you out of the line of fire.

The best training isn't planned. My son had an FTF that was quickly cleared with a slap and rack drill. I was so proud!!!!!!! At least I know that my gentlemen won't wig out under pressure. This is a good thing considering that they are heading off to college and after that at least one of them has plans to join the Marines Corps.

It is my firm belief that every father needs to teach their sons all the necessary skills required to come home in one piece.

It is my sons' firm belief that their purpose in life is to be as he calls it a Sheep dog to protect the sheeple.
I don't know where he got that from (probably their mom's side of the family:25:) but it makes me proud that they think that way. (PS We home-schooled them and they are really smart!):mp230603212422Murde

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I had to take a refresher course about a year ago. Well the Department of Public Safety range is out side and during the qualifying it rained so hard I thought we might have to start building an ark. Was not fun but in real life things most likely will not be perfect when called on to defend ones self. By the way as far as I am concerned home schooling is the way to go. We home schooled our daughter. { My wife did most of it} She now is about two thirds through her masters with a 4.0 GPA. She is very smart. Gets it from here mom.

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