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FINALLY GOT MY PPK/s BACK YESTERDAY!!! after four months, a hell of a wait time, fedex left me a "come pick your box up" slip on the door... well eager to get it back, only fired 6 rounds through it before sending it off, i went and got it ASAP and took it to the range...

only major problem i've had is that in the first mag, every other round failed to go into battery :mad:... after closer inspection it seems like the loaded chamber indicator on the gun got hung up on the top rim of the case, sorry if i don't have pics to explain gotta be off to work shortly...

now i can't make this happen by hand cycling every round in the mag, they feed fine... but around the close of the range session i was still have a failure to go into battery at least once a mag when the gun cycled of recoil of a fired round...

will a good break in, like 500+ rounds, fix this??? or do you guys think i should be thinking about filing off that damn chamber indicator so i can get 100% reliability outta the gun... was hoping this could be my summer carry piece...


I'd trade it for a Bersa.....anything that new and back from the factory should cycle as advertised. "Break in" periods to get a gun to function are crap.
Break-in periods crap?

Probably true on all guns except Les Baer Premier 45's. They're tolerences are so tight that you can't even strip it until you;ve fired 300 rounds through it.And then wracking the slide requires hard muscle. Mine finally smoothed out at about 450 roundss. That was about ten years ago and I can still put a hole in a dime at 20 yards.:yu:
I feel for you Chrisko.... as that's never "fun" with any gun, especially a new one.

Since it's new, and you just got it back from the manufacturer, IF you decided to "tweak" that chamber indicator yourself, would that void the warranty? I don't own a PPK, but used to own a Sig P230 (now known as the 232 - great gun!), but isn't the chamber indicator also the extractor on that model??

It's your gun, so it's ultimately your call, but I guess what you do with it now depends on what your plans were for that gun. Not that gun-owners should 'plan on' having a boat anchor that jams up inexplicably, but if that was to be your daily CC gun or even a home-defense gun, I'd get rid of it if it were me. Murphy's Law and all...
I think I'd have to let the S&W and Walther folks know what a "great" job they've done so far. I'd ask about returning it and getting a replacement, I'd also contact the VP or representative for customer service. I have an older Walther without the indicator and it doesn't do that. I've not heard of any issues from other owners either. The company should stand behind their product. IMHO, if it isn't reliable, it is a liability waiting to happen - just like AZSATT said, Murphy's Law, and Murphy was an optimist. Sorry you are having trouble.:sad
thanks for the input... i'm gonna put a call into walther/s&w tomorrow if i remember too...

what really pisses me off is that the gun never had a misfeed at all when i shot it before the recall (only 3 mags, but still) and now it's jamming consistently... and i don't really want to send it back in with all the workload they have now, i fear it'll be another 4 months before i get it back... maybe i'll just go to my local shop i bought it from and bitch, maybe they can take it off my hands for the price i paid...

i knew i shoulda bought a damn glock 26, it was cheaper and shot more readily available ammo...
I feel for you, but I'd be surprised if the dealer takes the hit on that gun - that'll be the manufacturer's issue all day, everyday, unless perhaps you paid to rent a gun at a shop/range. But after the purchase, issues with the gun generally go back to the manufacturer - and in this case - for good reason.

If it were me, I'd send it back to S&W and insist on a brand-new replacement gun or refund - and get the G26 regardless.

Let us know how you make out with S&W.

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