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I bought a box of .45 ACP Powerball ammo the other day. I'd never seen it before and thought I'd give it a once over. At first I like the energy, velocity, and ball profile. After doing some research it appears that the light, fast moving round with the ball forcing rapid expansion causes it to open so fast it does not always penetrate the recommended minimal distance.

Any of you guys have any feedback or experience with this round?

Well, no real life experience. I do carry PowRBall in my 40, mostly due to what I've read in ammo test articles. I had'nt heard of early expansion like you mention. I do know it feeds and shoots reliably but that doesn't answer your ?.

Lets see if someone else posts with real data...
Had a semi "real life" experience. A friend and I went hunting for wild pig on his farm. He had one magazine of "Powerball" ammo, and another magazine of "Speer Gold Dot" ammo. Three "Powerball" rounds didn't drop a 150lb boar. I managed to hit the pig with my Glock 23 (.40 S&W) loaded with 165gr "Speer Gold Dot" which dropped the pig. He changed magazines and shot another pig with 230gr .45 ACP Speer Gold Dot rounds. I think that one shot would have done it, but "Mr. Trigger Happy" double tapped the pig and dropped it.

If that's any indication, I'd say save your money and buy conventional HP ammo. We found 2 wounds on the boar shot with "Powerball" ammo on the head, and one round in just below the shoulder. The Gold Dot ammo penetrated the pig's skull.

Hope this answers your question.

I saw an add in a magazine and wondered how well it would work. I wonder if the penetration factor would be any better on a 9mm with the faster, smaller round?
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Many thanks to Cor-Bon for providing the ammunition used in this test.

Cor-Bon .45ACP 165 grain +P Pow'R Ball

Firearm was semi-automatic action with 3.8" barrel length

Block calibrated at 9.3cm penetration and an assumed impact velocity of 600 ft/sec. (chronograph malfunctioned due to rain at the test site).

Shot 1 - Penetrated to 10.9". Average recovered diameter 0.659".

Shot 2 - Penetrated to 12.6". Average recovered diameter 0.687".

Shot 3 - Penetrated to 11.8". Average recovered diameter 0.698".

Shot 4 - Penetrated to 12.2". Average recovered diameter 0.668".

Shot 5 - Penetrated to 11.4". Average recovered diameter 0.684".

Average diameter = 0.679". Average penetration depth = 11.8"

My thanx to KimberPB and GlockFan. Cor- Bon PowerBall was sounding pretty good 'til I read your comments. Ammo is something you don't want to learn about the hard way!
I have to say after reading the comments prior, I have a little different take on it. I have a Kimber BP Ten II. I carry staggered ammo, Power Ball and Hornady +P Hollow Points. Both rounds have been rather efficient for me. I'd be comfortable using them in a real life situation without an ounce of doubt.

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