power line 1200 bb pistol????


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Anybody know anything about an old power line 1200 bb gun? Its in great shape shoots has box paperwork everthing. Any information would be great. Thanks


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It's made by Daisy between 1977 and 1995 it's a single shot co2 powered. Having the paperwork should help you know about the gun you can also google it and find the same information maybe more there also videos on YouTube that show how it works. Good luck on your quest for more info.


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Thanks i googled them all i was able to find was a few closed actions etc. The paperwork just showed loading unloading operation but no date i am hoping to find someone online to shed some light i seen a lot of talk about them just not much history or value thanks for the help thou i will keep searching


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I had one for years. Made a great squirrel gun! Eventually it started 'eating' co2 cartridge like no tomorrow so I switched from Daisy cartridges to Crosmans. It shot great for another year but started having the same problem of using up the co2 too quickly. I tried a good cleaning and oiling the seals and that helped for a while. I finally ended up making my own seals from an old bicycle tire tube and it shot as good as new. Hope this helps, it's a great little gun that will put some small meat on the table.

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