Powell WY, Where are you?


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My old shooting buddy, Rick lives in Powell WY and I told him abt this site, figured he'd be logged in here by now. Hopefully he is recruiting some of his pals up there in WY to mass invade here..so how abt it WY, anyone? Don't be shy, just jump in here, guns not blazing anyway, we're on your side!

Used to live & work in Goshen County in & around Torrington. Did some ranch & feedlot, bean elevator & beet dump. Also worked in a factory in Lyman, Nebraska, just across the state line. I miss the short grass prairie. On the ranch, I carried a 1911A1 in .38 Super persuasion or a 3-screw Blackhawk .41 Magnum. In town, I surrepticiously wore the .38 Super.
Well, I don't live in Wyoming, but I do like the fact that it is located out West and is quite possibly the most gun friendly state outside of Alaska and Vermont. Besides the ease with which one can obtain a CCW, Wyoming allows unlicensed open carry and unlicensed car carry and just barely missed enacting a law that would allow concealed carry without a permit. If only the weather were a little warmer, this state would be paradise!
Hi all, I live in Pine Bluffs, Wy and am new to this site and carry openly daily. The Wyoming forum definitely needs some life breathed into it!!
The fewer people that know how wonderful Wyoming is the better Wyoming and those of us who will retire there are.

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