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Where would i go to find the legality of a potato gun. Before i go on and make a potato gun and fire it I would like to know if it legal in the state of connecticut. A few properties about a potato gun are:

-propellent used-hair spray( it is combustable)
-shoots 200 feet at around 160MPH ( i could be wrong, just a guess)

if anyone could help to determine wether or not a potato gun is legal in the state of connecticut to have in your possession, being transported in a vehicle, and fireing the potato gun. Thanks.

Contact your State Attorney General as well as your local Prosecuting Attorney or District Attorney. I recommend sending them an email message so you will have something in writing.

i thought they used either aka starting fluid

I've seen numerous variations. There are models that uss hair spray, cooking spray, propane, butane, etc. In any case, since "fire" is involved in making the guns work, BATFE would probably consider it a firearm.

In FL they are considered firearms, even the air powered ones. That being said, I've built one combustion powered and two compressed air powered ones here without issue using them. They are super fun! My advice is that if you're going to spend the money building one, go for the air powered version. The last one I built utilized two fill valves, which I attached two 12v car air compressors to fill ($10 a pop at Wally World). It would charge in about 5 minutes but easily was 10X more powerful than the combustion cannons I've played with.

Imagine launching a potato (or orange, etc) about 90 yards with a hairspray/ether/propane cannon.

Now imagine launching SIX potatos at once, nearly 200 yards with the air powered cannon. And not buying propellants!
hey I did it as a kid and young adult and it was fun!!! easy to make too. its not a gun its a potato launcher with a safe propellant but i wont say which one I used. I guess if YOU think its a gun then you will probably be held accountable for damage it caused as if it were one. for heavens sake dont launch a potato at anyone you could have a real problem! I played with mine out in the county where there were 400 acres around us with no other houses or people about. It would be plain nuts to use one in the city! I say find out the right way to make it and use it in a safa place. Have a good laugh, the crazy thing realy works!
You think BATFE will classify them as "All Other Weapons"? It would be kind of funny to have to get a $300 tax stamp for your $50 spud gun.
You need one for the Lay's spud gun since it goes select fire and full auto; betcha can't shoot just one! :laugh:

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