Post your bike pics!!!

I just rode right on in. Nobody notices the scooter guys. We go wherever we want.

Hey, if it's good enough for Kurt Sutter, it's good enough for me.....


Went for a nice ride today.

I went NW around Lake Moultrie, visited Francis Marion's grave site, crossed the Santee and headed through the Francis Marion National Forest back home. Total of about 145mi, and it was a beautiful day! Here's some pics:

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Ride safe, everybody!
Over the last week we escaped the helmet-law-tyranny of Alabama and headed for the still-free (at least as far as helmet laws are concerned) state of FL where my Gorgeous Wife's (GW) brother planted himself 20-some-odd years ago. His son and DIL just happened to be in town from Phoenix the same week, so they rented a Harley Ultra and the two of us spent most of the 480 miles we put on the bikes harassing my bro-in-law and his ol' lady with Harley exhaust bouncin' off their Kawasaki Nomad's windshield all four days that we rode together. I think he said his bike was like 1800 cc's or somethin', but they're wasted on him as he putted through every 65 mph zone doin' around 45 or 50. He's only eight years older than I am, but I guess the arthritis has settled in his throttle hand. LOL I ordered a patch for him when we got home that he'll get sometime this, or maybe next week:


And one for his ol' lady:


As always, GW was the main attraction:


Also as always, I practiced what I preach (helmet freedom) and got the sunburn on my forehead to prove it, and the grin just won't seem to go away for the time being:


Also as always, I preach what I practice:


NIL (nephew in law) followed in dear ol' dad's footsteps and is a firefighter in Phoenix. Dude is close to as tall as I am (6'-6"), only his chest measurement is way bigger than his waist measurement. I didn't even know that was humanly possible! :eek:


Ready to head home.....


About 20 miles up the road we stopped for breakfast. It was the most beautiful day of the trip, so I asked GW if she would mind pullin' an empty trailer so I could ride helmet-free for the next couple of hundred miles to the FL/AL state line. Being the beyond generous, most understanding ol' lady I've had for the last 30 years (on Oct. 31st as a matter of fact), she not only said yeah, that'd be fine, but she strongly encouraged me to get my big fartin' ass out of the Jeep and go have some fun!

Man! Life is good!

The weather is starting to improve here in the Low Country, I've put 500 more miles on the Star in the past week. Therapy, indeed.
Over the last couple of weeks I've been busy swapping out my intermittently-failing electronic fuel injection system for an S&S retrofit normally-aspirated (carburetor) system kit. Finished it up yesterday morning and went for our first ride to a gun show going on in Dothan this weekend. My closest neighbor also rides (a Road Glide), and he also shoots, but had never been to a gun show before so he tagged along with us. Dothan is only about 15 miles from Dead Cell Holler, but by the time the front wheel that we were following found the venue, we'd already put 60 miles on the bikes. Decent show - maybe ~300 tables. Lots of cards collected of knife and ammo dealers since my carb project depleted any hope I had of actually buying something at the gun show, but it was nice to spend an hour or so gettin' to know our new neighbor a little better and then following my front wheel home the 110 miles it took to find it. Great day. Tons of sun, moderate temps, and the carb gave me what I perceive to be about 10% increase in horsepower and ran without a single hiccup. I guess I still got some skills left in the memory banks because the job was pretty much a breeze, even though it's been nearly 15 years since the last time I did any real work on a Harley.

No pics - too busy enjoying the ride. Maybe next time.


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