Portable hunting blind


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Thought I'd give this a try. I was looking for a "portable hunting blind for geese and waterfowl. Found a item I want to try. It is a piece of burlap material, done in a camo print, that is about 4 /12 feet high and 12 feet long. You just wrap it around four 6' stakes and push them down in the soil. I saw several available. The one I bought was a Tractor Supply and cost $14.99. Also saw one at Walmart for $17.66, and one at ****'s Sporting Goods for $24.95.
Don't know if anyone has tried these or not, but I will report on this once I get to use it a couple of times. Season doesn't start here til Nov 5th. I plan to place it in a field near at thicket or hedgerow to blend in. I also have heard of people using this as a ground cover where you lay on the ground on your back on something to keep you dry and cover yourself with the camo cover and pop-up and shoot, when the geese come in.

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