Poll - OC or CC

If both OC and CC is/were an option, which of the following best applies to you:

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Make your position clear?? Well that's a first! And for somebody who's constantly whining about a dead horse you sure are reluctant to get off of it.

Why don't you make your position clear on some of your previous statements like how you're able to intrinsically know when a passerby has seen your pistol, how you can tell if someone is "pro" or "anti" just by looking at them, or why you need to be more alert when OCing as opposed to CCing??

Teach me about these things, Al. I'd truly like to know.

Not sure about you but anytime I strap a firearm on my person I'm always more alert. Be it concealed carry or open it does not matter, when that firearm goes on I'm in defcon 1. I still remain alert when not carrying a firearm but it's no where close to the stage of readiness I'm in while carrying.


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Carried concealed for decades. Started OC a couple years ago and won't go back. For ease of dress, presentation, deterrence, and education, just works for me. Probably the single biggest factor for me is that I don't have to dress around the weapon. Easy, peasy.


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I've been carrying OC for a number of years now. Virginia, Indiana and Colorado are all states I've lived and OC'd in. I couldn't imagine living in a state that didn't allow OC.

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