Police Stop Man For Legal OC

He was arrested once and released because the AG said it was legal. He was questioned again because the Milwaukee Police Chief told his officers to disregard the AG memo saying so.

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They need EVERY single person that owns a gun in that state to open carry everyday. Every single person in the U.S. that can legally do it, needs to open carry. There should be NO more debate on this. We need to show how many of us exist, and that we will not be bullied anymore.

That firearms instructor should contact every student he''s had, and ask them to walk downtown with him openly carrying their guns. Then they could do a class action law suit against the city for not obeying the law and the state for not controlling it's police..

We the gun owners, need our own version of Al Sharpton to start putting the scews to these police departments. They are running amok.


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Wow, take everyone down to the ground until they figure out who you are! The crappy thing is that if you have it concealed and someone sees it, you could be in the same boat if not worse. That does not sound like fun. I agree, every owner there who legally can carry should and do so in large numbers in public areas. Hopefully that will get these cops a little more relaxed after a while, after they figure out that people that do carry are not their enemies. Most likely the BG would not be openly displaying his gun, because he/she can't prove that it belongs to them.

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