Police Officers in Fayetteville Bar Brawl


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This can't be good...(only LEO's can carry in a bar).

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They probadly will let this die down and slap them on the wrist, telling them don't do it again.
That article made no sense to me, it was all over the place. So the two cops were causing problems and started a fight when they were told to calm down. But then it said they drew their weapons because they felt threatened? If you start the fight, self defense is kinda out the window. In Oregon were allowed to carry in bars and I've never seen or heard of a case where it caused a problem. Obviously if you're going to the bar to get smashed you shouldn't bring you're weapon with you..but it's nice to be able to carry if your just meeting friends there for a drink.
Could have been worse. Could have done what 2 off duty cops did in New Haven CT, and walk out of the bar, drunk, and start popping off rounds.

Officer Burns has an unblemished record with the police department and certainly this is a very traumatic thing for him to go through,” said Georgetti. He said Burns intends to enter a not guilty plea.

Lol way to take responsibility

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