Play Paintball to improve gunfighting


Liberty or Death
I know most firearm related incidents, don't result in a big gunfight. So the chances of the average joe actually getting into a prolonged shootout are pretty slim. But just in case, it would be nice to have some skill in doing so.
I play paintball at least twice a month (march-october.) Paintball players develop quick reflexes in taking cover, and popping out of cover to fire. You also learn, to an extent, what is practical or not, in a real gunfight. Such as, if you're hiding behind cover and periodical popping out to return fire, it's better to pop out at different angles, different timing, etc. Plus, it's the funnest thing I've ever done with my clothes on.
I know that in a real gunfight, getting hit is more than a little sting, and wiping some paint off. You would have even more adrenaline, and think unclearly. But I'd hope that I would have better chances, having simulated gunfighting.
After all, the military uses paintball in training, why shouldn't you?

Well my favorite is what the military does the most of...Simunitions. Bullets with paint not lead. However, that takes good safety officers, and they are prone to absolutely serious injuries. However, real guns are used and you get real bangs. Can't get any more real other than rubber bullets. The second down I like are marker guns. Guns that look exact with similar weight, but shoot paintball markers. The next down is a toss up between gunfight reenactment, don't shoot at each other, but the real guns and noise gets you going, and of course paintball. Paintball is great, why not, any targeting and reaction based skills are useful. Not as realistic as it can get, but I think mixing it up with different variants, or whatever you have available always works. :)

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