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As ammo becomes more may need to rely on previous training and muscle memory to define your abilities.

Remember snap caps and other similar items can be very useful in training without shooting as much ammo. Putting a pencil down the barrel of a pistol and allowing the firing pin to hit the eraser can show you point of aim issues with your trigger pull. Snap caps are great for training in the home. It will allow you to work on trigger pull consistency and also to SAFELY practice clearing malfunctions and other issues that the murphinator tosses at you in the most critical of high stress situations.


Practice mag changes until they are second nature and you no longer look at the weapon but at the target. Remember that magazine retention is critical if you are not actively being shot at. I almost always have my shirt tucked in so I dump them down the neck of my shirt. It is the fastest and easiest thing I have ever been taught and it works! I still have all my toys under my control and my adversary has nothing he can use. I reload them when I get the chance to safely do so and stow them in the proper carriers when recharged with rounds. This is not competition but real life tactics you may need in a running gun battle. I love those guys that drop mags like they have a million of them. At the end of the day I know I have a semi auto pistol with x number of mags and they have a really sexy single shot.

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+1 Festus. In addition to these techniques I have a 6mm Airsoft pistol that gets regular workouts.
I use snap-caps all the time. I do about 90% dry practice as opposed to live fire. I also use them to practice clearing type 1,2 & 3 malfunctions.

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