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My local Planet Fitness in central NC has "no weapons" signed posted, and the sign specifies "concealed included"!


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Let me tell you a story. Years ago, the local SAC come into my office and says that his locker was broken into at a ocak gym and some of his stuff was stolen. I asked him what was taken. HE SAID NOT HIS MONEY BUT HIS PISTOL AND FBI CREDENTIALS. Now . You go into a gym, get out of your street cloths an put all your stuff into one of those cheap lockers they provide. You go out and do yur thing for about an hour or so and come back, Locker broken open and all your valuables, including your gun are gone. When I go to the gym, all my valuables are put in the trunk. Only thing I take with me are my gym bag, cell phone and car keys. Is the car truck safe? Well, it a heck of a lock safer them a gym locker. Its your choice.


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I appreciate the thoughts!

Pir8Fan my local PF is a franchise, and this franchise group made the choice to go weapons free! They did so because of a situation similar to what Waffles describes - a locker was broken into and a gun was stolen!

RedWriter, the other choice I have is a medical facility (rehad, fitness center, doc offices) and is also posted.

Good to hear its not ALL Planet Fitnesses.

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