Plan for Group Tied to Nation of Islam to Patrol Miami Streets Meets With Protest


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Anyone else besides me think this is a really stupid idea?

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Not sure this is a good idea.

I think we need to put the brakes on this one.:angry2:
The whole Peacemakers project is being based on being anti-crime, anti-immorality.... [emphasis added]
Anti-immorality?? By whose definition? What're we going to have the Ba'ath Party represented in Miami?!?

These cats need to get a firm grip on the concept that Florida is a "Shall Issue" State. They may find they're not all that happy with the way this plan turns out...

"Line-in-the-Sand" time, Americans.
Was this not tried in Chicago back in the 60s and did it not lead to one of the worst gang controlled cities in the US.
I certainly would not want a Muslim group patrolling my neighborhood and policing my morality. Not having been raised in the Muslim culture, my ideas of morality are not quite the same as theirs.

Now, if it was only a crime watch AND they could be relied on to keep their ideas of morality to themselves it might be different. Unfortunately, I have never heard of any Muslim group in any country that was capable of doing that. They always seem to have trouble with some of the more “complicated” ideas like “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Religion”.
It doesn't say in the article anywhere what their responsibilities would be in terms of "patrolling". Are they just walking around with a bullhorn yelling at drug dealers and calling in incidents to the police, or what?

If the cops could dependably keep them (or any other patrolling group) on a tight leash and make sure they're not trying to recruit or beat people up, then it would be ok. However, it sounds like the cops are stretched thin enough as it is, which is why they're hiring these guys.

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