Plain Deaker gun hating columnist weighs in on current gun bills


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The Plain Dealer has always been against gun rights, that will probably never change.

Before the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin Feb. 26, momentum was building in the legislature to pass a Stand Your Ground law similar to Florida's. For now, that one's on hold. Even legislators seem to grasp the danger of appearing to care nothing about human life.

But when it comes to other laws the gun lobby wants, Ohio's Republican legislators are hardly standing their ground.

Instead, they're currently giving serious consideration to bills that would eliminate gun safety training for gun-carrying permit holders, eliminate or curtail background checks for gun purchases and concealed carry permits, expand the places where concealed weapons can be carried, relax gun permit renewal requirements and repeal the requirement that a gun owner pulled over for a traffic offense disclose the presence of a weapon.

GOP state legislators' zeal for guns could wound Romney: Brent Larkin |


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silly for anyone to 'hate guns' they are tools that can be used to save your life or catch you a meal
for those who 'hate' them don't get one
but don't try to deny others the right to have and use one in a right and just manner

Tucker's Mom

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That is sad that they are targeting the legality of law abiding citizens to have guns to be able to go hunting and being able to protect ourselves from criminals when the police itself says they are not there for us to be protected from such elements. There are many gun owners here in America. Maybe if we can all get together to vote out those people who are against our 2nd Amendment rights, we'll be pretty right...sit down tight's going to be a wild ride from now till November....


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when i first started hearing all they hyped up bs on the martin zim case i knew it was also part of trying to sway the public against gun ownership
as well as flared up to incite further division between the races and the stupid sheeple fall for that kind of yellow journalism time and time again


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The left always considers the US Constitution an annoying thing because it always gets in their way in doing the "important" things.

The GOP legislator's zeal for guns will keep Romney aware that WE care about 2nd Amendment rights whether he does or not, and will not only improve his chances of winning, but will also help him to be a better president.

It would be nice if Biden would spill the beans about Obama's plans for gun control like he spilled the beans about same-sex marriage.


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The people who hate guns should remember that a gun is a criminals tool and we have the right to
protect ourselves.



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I have never understood our lawmakers.... it seems they create laws that the law abiding citizen will follow. But the criminals, do not care about the law. And we have sufficient laws on the books already and some that are not enforceable because there are not enough police. Yet, newspapers seem to focus on the law abiding citizens on laws. Go figure...

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Sadly no matter the verdict, this is going to go down bad. If Zimmerman is found guilty the jubilant antigunners will be in the streets making trouble, if found innocent they will be mad and it will be even worse. This entire event has been fueled by the media and they should be held responsible for any loss of life or property damage resulting from this circus they have created. I would like to see them try and explain "I was on your side" to the mob as they are reporting it.


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quote from the article..
"Here's what is very much a reality: The nation's top Republican political strategists are growing increasingly worried that the obsession of Republican-run state legislatures with bills expanding gun rights and limiting abortions pose a danger to Mitt Romney and other GOP candidates for high office this year."

and heres what they're really saying...dont support gun rights or oppose abortion because obama might win again.

so, you see? republicans don't really respect your rights either.


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I live in Cleveland and it's a good idea to carry in certain neigborhoods. Some people like this reporter are afraid of guns and need to get over their fear by attending a good handgun class and doing some range shooting. There will always be many who do not approve of guns, but if a day comes when their home is broke into or a relative is shot for no reason they will change.



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First the writer is a tool. The case in question WAS NOT ans IS NOT a stand your ground case is the person was pursued! Thus not stand your ground. Stand your ground is not having to retreat before you take action. There is nothing in any version of a stand your ground bill or statement I have ever seen that woudl allow a person to chase a person AFTER the original conflict was broken.

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