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I was wondering how well the various electric lock boxes for pistols work and what sort of experiences folk have had with them. I've been looking at
the BioBox >> Link Removed
and the GunVault Micro >> Link Removed

I was wondering how long the batteries generally last with daily use and how well the hinges and physical keylocks are made and such.

Any experiences with other products are welcome too. Please provide links.

aj's 40 cal

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use to have a gunvault, untill i wanted somthing bigger. it was just the regular gunvault delux ( had a light on the inside. it was good for what it was used for, but i needed more room. if i only had 1 gun to lock up id still have it to this day. very strong and sturdy. finger pad worked well and door flipped open rather well. if u have just 1 gun u need to lock up go for it or if u just need it as a bedside safe for your "house gun" i say go for it.


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Excellent question and great answer! I've been wondering the very same thing.

Thanks. Agreed, and thank you aj's 40 cal for the great reply. I've read through a good bit of the newest information and failed to find any recent discussion on the subject, so hopefully this thread generates some interest and info. I personally like the biometrics feature if it works as it should. I'm in the IT industry so I've seen the good and the bad on such things.


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I almost bought the electronic finger print pistol vault until I looked some manufactures up on YouTube. Some you can drop or hit just right and it opens. Suggest you look up the model your interested in and see if someone has posted any issues or likes on You Tube.



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I've got the Gunvault Micro (not biometric) - works great. No complaints. It's a great bedside gun lock box that can hold a full size gun extra mag and flashlight and you can attach it to your bed frame. I've had it for about a year on the same set of batteries - so far no problem. One thing to be aware is that these kinds of Gun lock boxes won't stop a determined thief from taking it and later prying the box open or something. It will however prevent your kids or friends' kids from getting at your gun. I think that's the main purposes of these cases and they work great in that role.


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I'm mainly looking for something to toss it in when working around the house to keep irresponsible fingers off. Safety device more than security. But I don't want something like those wallyworld bill boxes that you can lock, but knock the pin out of the piano hinge and open it backwards leaving the lock locked.

Old Zebra

I keep my home defense 1911 in a GunVault Mini-deluxe. It has a motion alarm which includes the option to enable or disable the alarm. The Mini-deluxe model also includes an AC power option. For quick access, the mini-deluxe in an excellent one gun safe. For peace of mind, I've set my computer to remind me to change the batteries every 6 months.

On the other hand, if quick access is not a consideration, I recommend GunVault's Nano Vault 300. I use thesesafes for other guns I want to away from curious fingers. The security cable is easily attached to the safe and slot in something heavy like your bedframe or your car. But as others have mentioned, neither the Mini-deluxe nor the Nano 300 will stop a determined thief.


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One important thing to remember, get one that has a key back-up. If you don't you'll wind up drilling the lock to get in if the electronics fail.


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I was asking a guy about the biometric safes and he told me that he had problems with his safe not reading his finger print. He was told to use a micro fiber cleaning cloth (for eyeglasses) and it solved the issue. As far as the video above, I would have returned it for a new one. Seems that it had a bad release...


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... One thing to be aware is that these kinds of Gun lock boxes won't stop a determined thief from taking it and later prying the box open or something...

Agreed, but I've thought of bolting one to the long arm of my bedframe close to the headboard and wall (with security bolts that cannot be unscrewed) and also using a high-strength security cable looped through it, the bedframe, and attached to a very long and large lag bolt screwed into the wall framing 2x4's behind the sheetrock. Removing the safe would require destroying a wall stud, then toting out the safe connected to a metal bedframe rail.

That should make the safe one that I can easily get to immediately, but be a royal pain the butt to be stolen. This is the best idea I can come up with that will provide immeditate emergency access, protect the pistol from curious youngun's, while offering the best hope of preventing theft. I do have a gunsafe, but it is in another room and would take way to long to access in an emergency. I am trying to come up with a solution that will keep the pistol safe from kids, while also as hard to steal as possible. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I spoke to a guy the other day. We were talking about the cheap wood floors (that recycled sawdust junk called OSB). He suggested two ideas.
Idea #1: Have a machine shop widen the holes at the bottom of the safe, and use toggle bolts. He suggested to carefully cut out a section of the carpet directly under the lock-box in a way that when you move, you can just glue the piece right back where it was.
Idea #2: Carefully cut out a section of carpet and place a piece of steel diamond-plate under the carpet, screwed into the floor joists with one-way security screws. Then attach the lock-box to the piece of steel. When you move, just take out the safe and glue the piece of carpet back.
The little sewer rats have been busy lately in my neighborhood...I'm going to get that done, too, very soon.


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Lots of options here: Link Removed Chat or call Josh at 800-540-1695 x401. He'll give you the lowdown on features and prices, and he'll be honest about what works and what doesn't.


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Do yourself a favor and don't get anything with electronics; there's the potential for failure and that's the last thing you need when your life depends on it. I personally prefer (and have) this one
Link Removed
It's simple, secure, and reliable.

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