pistol caliber carbine


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I've looked at the CX4, shot a buddies once and liked it... what's your opinion of yours?

Depends on what you are looking for. I have one in 45 ACP and really like it. It actually is the gun that got me into guns to start with.


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Depends on what you are looking for. I have one in 45 ACP and really like it. It actually is the gun that got me into guns to start with.

My buddies was a .40 S&W, if I ever got one, it'd be a 9mm... ever handled the 9mm?

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I have the 9mm version of the Storm and have become rather fond of the wee beastie. Shoots well, handles +P+, and 30 rd factory mags. Good stuff.


since the developement of the 127 gr subsonic load for the 223, I personally see no reason to bother with PAC's for my own use. I'd much rather see a less than master grade shooter using one for HD than a pump 12 ga or a pistol. The laser sighted Hipoint 9mm, using CorBon 100 gr PowRBall ammo, is a great choice, can often be had for $200, used, especially from a private party. It is so "tame' to use (especially with electronic muffs or "earvalve' plugs, that .22lr practice really does = skill with the 9mm. so it's very well suited for those who can't/wont spend a lot of money on a defensive gun.


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..... 127 gr subsonic load for the 223?

Show me.


I just did the google search, and AR-15 forum has a fair amount of postings about the 127 gr subsonic 223. Since the bullet is VERY long, you need a 1 in 7" rifling twist to keep it from tumbling in the air. However, the 60 gr Aquila subsonic .22lr, at 950 fps, loaded in .22 SHORT cases, works pretty well, will drop deer with head shots, to 50 yds or so. I'm not buying a 1 in 7 barrel, just for this sillyness, AND I wouldn't risk having that fast a twist ruin my accuracy with normal, 36 gr .22lr ammo. the 1 in 9 twist works fine with such .22's, but I've heard that the 1i n 7 twist does not. dunno personally, and I aint spending the money to find out, either.


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I had picked up a police surplus PC40 in barely used condition a few years back, with ghost ring sights it was good for 2-3 moa at 100 yards, pretty impressive, chunking 180gr .40 rounds out at > .357mag velocities, fast as I could pull the trigger with no noticeable recoil it was very easy to keep on target. Of course being a Ruger it was heavy and built like a tank, well balanced but ultimately the heaviness made me ditch it, well that and getting rid of my .40 handguns (simplified down to 9mm, .357, and .45acp for now). I think these things definitely have a place, if you live in an area where you only have short ranges, or plan to use it for home defense, it's more controllable under rapid fire than a rifle caliber in the same size/weight of gun, and the ammo is generally cheaper and available even during these 'panics' so you can afford to have fun with it.

If it were possible to get, I'd have an mp5 clone SBR in 10mm, hell even in .40 would be pretty good, would never feel undergunned with that inside a house.

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I have the Keltec Sub2000 Glock 9mm
It shoots very well.

I also have a Keltec Sub2k that uses the Glock G17 mags. I have it in my GHB (Get Home Bag) in my trunk. There is NO other rifle out there that I could do that with! It has been super reliable, and while it would not be my go-to gun for the apocalypse, I would trust my life to it.


I can see a $150, used, testfired before buying Hi-point 9mm carbine as a home defense gun by somebody who's never going to bother to become skilled. Better than a pump shotgun for such people, by far. That is IF they know enough to load it with CorBon's 100 gr powRBall ammo. 1600 fps from a carbine barrel, 570 ft lbs., very mild blast and recoil.


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I think that PCC's have a valid place in the hands of legal gun owners. They are handy, making the most out of pistol caliber velocity and accuracy. They are fun at the range and economical to shoot. They are very good for close quarters work in a tactical environment. The best part is that they fill that gap of 50-100 yds for tactical shooting.
They sure do. The M-1 Carbine was designed for close range city fighting during WWII. That happens to be the type of self defense situation a lot of people find themselves in, short range city fighting.

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