Pirates to get paid off


Titles are un-American.
Sounds like the owners of the boat are finally going to cave and pay the pirates what they want.

The pirates have been holding the Ukrainian-operated, Belize-flagged MV Faina and its 20-person crew in the Gulf of Aden since September 25.

Military officials said the cash payment will be brought on the ship, directly to the pirates. Such a procedure is common because of the lack of electronic banking in Somalia.
Since they're being watched so closely, and we know when they're getting paid...would it really be that difficult to have a helicopter or UAV ready to intercept these guys when they leave the ship? An airstrike would send a message about the consequences for this kind of nonsense.

I'm hoping that this is just a cover to get the pirates distracted in anticipation of a payoff, and then bam! They get hit with some kind of strike and don't get anything.
This seems to be part of a growing trend


The liberal notion of they are all victims and require attention to fix their inner child.

That's what a family member who is a corrections officer calls it. (This person cusses and swears every time they talk about it). Give them a nice whatever and it will change their point of view.

Results....YES INDEED it makes them more greedy, and empowers them to do more wrong by feeding the bad side.
I think the problem with the pirates(world wide, not just Somalia) is the Willingness on their part to use fear and terror, and the unwillingness of the "civiliized " nations to use the same tactics. The United states Government did some pretty brutal things in the South during Sherman's march to the sea, and to the Indians, and later, to other countries that we had problem with. The difference was everbody knew we did those things, but no one talked about them. Viet nam changed all that.We all know that the Viet Cong were terrorists, by the modern definition. Not really even insuregants, but more like terrorists. They would gladly kill civillians if it spread a fear of co operating with the government of South Vietnam or the U.S.But we only saw the bad things that US Servicemen did.We saw the bombs that missed thier targets and killed innocent womem and chidren, but no one wanted to talk about the bombs tha VC plnated on purpose to hurt the innocwnt as well as the soldiers.

If We sent a destoyer to level the miserable villages that these animals live in, there would be pictures all over tv and the internet, showing the disparity of force, the innocent children blown up, and generally making the US, or any other modern nation look really bad.

The question I have is just the opposite. When are we going to pick out some one, somewhere, who needs a good whipping, and unleash on them? Why do we have the best military in the world, if we are not going to use it? I say come home to Norfolk with a few human heads hanging from the bowsprit of one of those ArleyBurk's , and make a post card out of it. send it to what's left of the pirates. Merry Christmas, Habib! Jesus loves you,and I will too, as soon as I have killed all the pirates over there! We'll be back, soon as we get around to it, and this time, we will send a battallion of Marines to have supper with you.We have inclosed a copy of Emily Post's latest book on manners, and A Bible. The first is so you don't offend some of the Marines with your bad table manners, and the second is in case you do. It would be good for you to read the parts about Jesus, because if you F^^* up one more time, you are going to meet him the same day. Your's truly, The President Of the United States.

There was a day when we had a president with the cojones to send a message like that. There was a day when we had a marine Corp officer corp filled with men who would have been glad to march up to Habib's house and hand deliver a message like that, unescorted. Teddy Roosevelt was that Kind of President. The officers who served under him were those kind of officers.There are still soldiers, marines, airmen, and even sailors who would fight for the honor of pissing on some chicken sqat war lord by delivering him a message like that. But the higher you get in rank, the fewer there are. The higher ups are all trying to be "nation builders", just like the people in the white house.

There was a day when our armed forces were call to mess things up, not try to do the least amount of damage possible, but the most. Boxers shouldn't be dentists. Let the boxers knock the opponents teeth out, get the dentist to fix them. I don't think we should ask our armed forces to be "nice". I think we should allow them to kill every thing that moves, until the other country has had enough. We should probably keep on killing everything that moves for another week or two, just to be sure the other guy really realy does want to quit.And if he wants to quit, and has some terms for surrender other than unconditional, we should tell him the quit window is closed, come back in three or our months, and it might be open on a wednesday afternoon.
Unfortunately, we've always been too concerned with what the world thinks about us, and not enough about doing the right thing. As far as this thing is concerned, I think we should stay out because we have nothing at stake and nothing to gain, but what if we did? Would President-elect Obama "talk" to them?
He could send his Sec. of State to negotiate. The pirates would probably pay us to take her back.

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