Pimp my XD.....


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I had seen some pics of XD's that people had colored in the lettering and that looked good. So I figured I'd give it a shot. I tried to match the OD green as close as possible and am happy with how it turned out. What you guys think?



Oh man... is that a complicated process to do that?? I'd love to do something like that to my Sig!

Actually it's not to bad. All you need is a crayon, piece of cardboard, and a hair dryer.

Make sure gun is unloaded
Strip the gun
Then heat the section of the slide you want to fill in with the hair dryer
Take crayon and touch areas you want to fill in. It'll melt and fill the grooves.
After you're happy everything is filled. Take a stiff piece of cardboard (I used part of the crayon box) and run it down the slide to remove any extra.
Let it cool completely, wipe it down, and reassemble.
how durable is it?.

That pic was taken after 2 range tips and cleanings. I also left it in the glove box at work the other day with my truck sitting out in the Florida sun. So it has surprised me so far.

I've heard some people doing this using lacquer sticks but I wanted to be able to remove easily if I didn't like it.

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