Picky indecisive guy need help

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Ok, I was just kidding about the consulor, my point is I tend to put a lot of thought into firearm purchases to make sure I get something useful and that will serve my pourpose.

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Well, I guess I had a good upbringing, and most decisions, like my food choices, are easy. But I like to think out decisions which may include life/death choices. If u have a challange understanding that, maybe u should attend a session with your son.


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H&R 32 boot, I've shot, just don't trust
River, mark I, Mark IIII, Blackhawk 357 SuperRedHawk 44mag and the sigma and SR9.

All good post. And thank you very much.
I have a serpa paddle holster that I wear around the property with the sigma, and feel I need more concealment, never tried a IWB holster and not sure how it'll affect my love handles. I always need to have not shirt tucked anyway. I don't feel I need a 45 but hesitant about a 380. I'll keep looking and try to find a place to test drive them.

I will heed all suggestions thoroughly.

The sigma or the SR9 would be my choice out of your current firearms. If you want IWB but are not sure if your "love handles" will handle it try going with a Remora holster. I just purchased one for my Ruger LC9 a couple weeks ago and I was surprised by how much I love it.

There are lots of choices on good IWB holsters though. I went to my local gun store with my other carry gun (S&W 3914) and he let me try out several for proper fit and I purchased a leather Blackhawk holster
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If you still want a smaller gun for concealment I would recommend looking at the LC9. Very, very concealable. Putting it in the Remora holster I can hardly tell I have it on me.


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Thanks, fuller,
This is some of the feedback I was looking for, I will put the Lc9 as a "must see" I read some the reviews on this gun. has anyone had any issues with malfunctions with one particular ammo or another? Saw a few people stated that.

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My CC favorite is the 9mm Colt New Agent with Crimson Trace grips. Bought this gun new and it was flawless for 1,800 rounds. When I began to experience feed issues, I replaced the original recoil spring assembly. The gun is running like a clock again. Colt wouldn't give me a straight answer on the expected round count for its recoil spring assembly. I figured with 3" gun, 1,000 rounds if I was lucky. Needless to say, 1,800 rounds far exceeded my expectations. I plan to change-out the recoils springs at 1,500 rounds in the future. The only other issue I've had with this gun is the gutter sight. For me, the sight was impossible to use when shooting in low-light conditions or at dark targets. CT grips are THE solution...so much so that Colt now offers a New Agent with CT grips.

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just want to take a min and thank everyone for guidence and suggestions. Just did the paperwork on a XD40 3" subcompact the reviews were outstanding and it felt awesome. I did love my Springfield 1911 and wish I never let it go. So i hope I like it as much. I was not able to test drive it. But did like the trigger.

As a sidenote, I was able to find info on removing one of two springs in the sigma and it made a world of difference. Haven't scaled it but guessing 3 lb reduction in pull.


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As indecisive as you are I sure hope you never have to use your cpl to protect yourself.I dont think you could decide where to shoot the perp. BTW The SR9 saftey works fine, and you could get a trigger job one the Sig. And as far as a wheel gun goes.From what I have heard/read most gun fights are over in 3-5 shots.

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