Pheasant Hunting in NH

Any recommendations for hunting Pheasant? Just curious. I am going to be going hunting this year for Pheasant for the first time. Thanks guys!


I use to Pheasant hunt in Kansas a lot. We line hunted in Millet fields and was pretty effective. I preferred using dogs instead of line hunting though.
You can find NH pheasant hunting locations on Game Bird Hunts Link Removed - you can also look in adjoining states at the website. Previous poster is correct - some good bird hunting in Kansas, as well as in west OK and the panhandle of TX. I prefer wild birds instead of pen-raised/released. If you are asking about equipment (shotgun, shells, wild or pen bird best ammo, etc) - tell us what you have and somebody will have an answer or suggestion. I use my Browning Lightning 12ga with 2-3/4" #5 shot with modified choke for longer shots (bottom barrel) and #6 shot with improved cylinder for closer shots. Just flick the barrell selector depending on which type of bird rises. Usually, a smaller shot size works early in the season - but you may have to to a larger (even #4 shot) later as the birds get wary and are longer shots. If shooting softer and closer in pen-raised bird hunts - you can go smaller shot (6, 7, 7-1/2) and even more open choke. I have a Browning XS Sporting - but I don't use it too much for bird hunts cuz the porting scares up every bird in the county. Almost any shotgun will do - however, go shoot some clays or skeet so you know what your gun's lead needs to be on crosser, away, and angled, shots. Have fun...
I agree that some prehunting practice is a must. I shoot a 20 ga. o/u for pheasant that are being pointed out by dogs.(that means I am very close to the birds)A light semiauto in 12 ga. is with a mod choke is what I would recomend for a first pheasant gun.High brass no.6 shot is a good all round load with a hand full of no. 4 if the birds are getting up at a distance.Go and practice before your hunt and have a safe fun trip.

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