Pets anybody?


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We have a small zoo here,lol.We have my dog,duke who is a mix breed,four parakeets,one cockatiel,one quaker parrot,a pet rat,three hamsters,one dumerils boa,one ball python and two cats.


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One dog. We got him from my wife's cousin who adopted him as a puppy from a shelter - told us he was a Rott mix of some kind. My wife got on the internet and put in 'Rottweiler mix' just to see what she could find. Oddly enough, she found a picture that looked pretty much exactly like our dog. The person's page said their's was a Rott/Husky mix, so I guess that's what our dog is. He's a great dog - he's loving and playful with us, and a couple of times he's shown that he will get VERY 'business-like' when things go bump in the night.

Here's the pic off the internet that looks like him, and then one of him.

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I have never have been able to get a perfect full-attention picture of him - we can get him to make 'the face' and as soon as he sees the camera, he gets silly.

This is the Rott-husky mix I am currently infatuated with and planning to pursue the adoption process with. I visited him last Saturday.

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I don't know what is the matter with me being so enamored with a particular dog.
As an adult I have never been without a dog and my last one died in September.

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I would rather...

YEAH! If only my paycheck was like you count.

10/07 - 10/10 = 3 years in most places. LOL And this is three months after that.

Its been over three years Luke. Have you been able to get your dog yet?

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I am currently owned by a mean cat who allows me to live with her as long as I feed and pet her.


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3 English Shires
1 quarter horse
2 Jacob's Cross donkeys
1 Tennessee Walking Horse
6 cats (2 bobcat hybrids)
1 Great Pyrinese
1 Timberwolf hybrid


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I have a cat who is obsessed with me. I named her Rachel after a ex-girlfriend. Difference is, I really love my cat.... :biggrin:


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3 dogs officially, 1 stray which we are fostering for now and will probably keep and the neighbors dog who comes over before breakfast and leaves after dinner. ;-)


:pleasantry: I have 2 parakeets named Sunshine and Andy. I also have a cocker-spaniel named Goldie and a papillion dog named Rabbit. Most animals I come in contact with can read. On my forehead it spells SUCKER and I admit it I am.


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A female German Sheppard named Kelsey. My wife's choice, I wanted another Basset. Have had 3 different ones in the past. Of course being on my third marriage, I've learned to say "YES DEAR" and everything is OK. I'd put a JPEG in but not sure how to do it.


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Owned by cats!

ishi's cat thread got me wondering.
How many pets do you have?
I have two dogs; a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Chesterton (the literary theme continues). My other dog is the mean one. He is a Bichon Friese named Snowy. :) He really is the better guard dog of the two.
I also have two cats; Gabriel and Raphael, named after the angels, not the turtles.
We also have 4 hens, for eggs.
Those are my permanent residents. In the last year I've had snakes, rabbits, a mole, spiders, etc. as temporary pets.

First I hope you don't mind my removal of blank spaces to save room.
Second I am proud to say I am owned by five cats. I have two huge Orange Tabby's that I do believe are trying for the 'Biggest cats of the county!' title. Their names are Firewall and PC. Then there is the big Siamese, Coco Siam, followed by the two lovely girls, Callie the Calico and Snowflake my beautiful Seal Point Siamese. I'm currently trying to buy a couple of horses and I want to get some hens for eggs as well.
Oh...could you please post a ink to ishi's cat thread?

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