Petition to Remove Ohio's Concealed Carry Notification Law


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Criminal Justice Petition: Ohio Governor & Legislation: Remove Ohio's Concealed Carry Notification Law |

"With the current language of Ohio law when Ohioans are approached by law enforcement they are required to notify "Promptly". Ohio's law does not define the word "Promptly" and may be taken any way by any law enforcement.

Only law abiding citizens are allowed to get Concealed Carry Licenses in the state of Ohio. One must have a background check, finger prints taken, photo, & listed on a Public forum. For a good honest citizen to go to jail because they did not inform a police officer in a "Prompt" manner is a shame. They were not criminals before the stop and now would be one because they simply did not talk.

We are asking the Ohio Governor & its Legislature to come up with an alternative or remove the Notification Law all together."

We would appreciate anyone who signs it. Thanks in advance.

PS: Feel free to post a link to this or the petition on any other boards or social networks you have access to.


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Thank you all so far who have signed. We are now at over 100 sigs, keep em coming!


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Why do we need a petition when there has already been a bill introduced in the Ohio House to remove notification?

You can see it here:

Link Removed

Since we already have a bill, we need Ohioans to contact their state representatives to get this bill passed. That is where peoples' political energy needs to be directed,.


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Its a petition letter ... it will be sent to the legislation & the governor re-enforcing the bill.


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Write or call your legislator and ask that in addition to removing the notification requirement, that they also remove the requirement to HAVE IN YOUR POSSESSION the piece of plastic that says you have their permission to carry concealed.
I drive without having my DL with me and have never gotten a citation for that. If I'm jogging or riding my bicycle, it is inconvenient to have my wallet with me.
All cops have radios and most have (access to) a computer so it is easy to identify you and your CCWP.

Additionally, ask the legislators to remove the prohibition of weapons in public libraries. They did this on a whim and it is ridiculous that I have to put my gun in the trunk just to go in to return a book.

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