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A petition drive is under way, seeking the recall of NRA Board member Joaquin Jackson. The drive is motivated by the discovery of an interview in which Jackson, a former Texas Ranger, spoke out against private ownership of military-style semiautomatic rifles and firearms with a magazine capacity greater than 5 rounds.

More details are located here:

(Note, to sign the petition you need to be an NRA Life member or an annual member for 5+ years).

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I sent in my petition downloaded from another website.


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I guess I was fooled into thinking that this could not happen.
Maybe all the board members should be interviewed, in light of this situation.


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I'm considering signing up for a $35 year membership with the NRA. Problem is, I don't see what they're doing to stop HR 1022, the new "Assault Weapons" Ban. If somebody can point me to evidence that they're serious about stopping this bill, I'll feel OK about joining.


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Here is a little about it I just found. I will look some more and see if I can find anything else.

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