Perry County auditors try to force Sheriff to disclose CCW holders info


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Dirty rotten sneaky commie bastages. Luckily the sheriff gave 'em the middle finger because he knows the laws but it ended up in court where the judge ruled in favor of the law and the sheriff. At least there are still some in the judicial system that won't cave. Obviously the auditors have audited before but is this the first time to try and get the names of permit holders and if so who put the idea in their head?

Court throws out lawsuit against ‘fishing expedition’ over CCW permit records

The judge contended that since the auditor could have accomplished the revenue verification by using records with concealed carry permit holder’s information redacted but did not even attempt to, “The complaint appears to be nothing more than a fishing expedition for information unrelated to the Plaintiff’s statutory duty to audit.”

A Pennsylvania court this week tossed out a lawsuit by county auditors to force a sheriff to disclose the personal information of concealed carry permit holders.

The suit, filed in June by auditors for Perry County, was to obtain the names and addresses of local permit holders to crosscheck and verify permits issued and money paid with the individual to whom the records indicate the permit was issued. Citing state law that holds all information for a license to carry a firearm is confidential and free from public release, Sheriff Carl Nace refused to turn his files over, which led to the auditor’s suit that was dismissed Monday.

“A plain reading of the statute reveals that county auditors are only required to conduct a financial audit,” held Judge George N. Zanic for the Perry County Court of Common Pleas in his four-page ruling.

Zanic explained the scope of the financial audit covered receipts and expenditures, not performance or quality control.

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