Permit to Carry address does not match DL address... can I buy?

Earl Crosby

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Good day, All. I did a search and gave a look at prior topics and have not discovered this issue; hopefully I am not being redundant.

I recently moved to a different county. I have updated my DL, and called the old county to change my Permit to Carry. I tried to purchase a revolver and was denied by the shop (a pawn shop in Ramsey, on HWY169) because the addresses on my DL and Permit to Carry don't match. I called bulls**t, but the manager claimed it was a MN statute. I've searched, but don't see anything. Any opinions? Please cite statute/code if applicable.


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I had the same problem, went in to scheels in mankato to pick up the kahr I had had my eye on and they told me they could hold it fot me but couldn't sell it unless the addresses matched.

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