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I put in the paperwork to get a permit in Trumbull on October 30th. I was told 4-6 weeks I would receive a phone call to pick up the permit as long as I pass the background, which I know I will since I recently did one for my job. It's now almost 8 weeks and yet no word on it.

How long does it usually take? Almost everyone I know got it within 6 weeks, many even less. I read in the Connecticut laws ( that they need to give me an answer whether or not I will receive my permit within 8 weeks. Is this true?

Also, do I need to have the permit in order to purchase a handgun? Or can I purchase one but only have it within my house?

I am just getting impatient waiting, and everything I learned and practiced at the NRA basic pistol class is slowly fading from memory since I am not practicing.

Any help is appreciated.

no telling how long it will take. I got mine before 9/11. Everything changed after that. In response to your other question, Yes! a state permit is a permit to purchase and a permit to carry.

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Honestly right now the waiting time is around 10-14 weeks. It took me three months from the day I submitted all my paperwork to when I received my temp permit from the police. The issuing officer told me when I submitted that FBI background checks were taking 10-12 weeks to get back. I thought that didn't sound right so I called the state DPS (They are in charge of permits) and they agreed that was an accurate estimate. I would honestly give it three months and then call the officer who took all of your paperwork in for an update. It took a friend of mine who recently got his permit 11 weeks, so you are still well within the normal timeframe. Don't forget to take your town permit to a state police location to get your permanent one!

In response to your second echo said you need your permit to purchase a handgun in CT. In fact I'm pretty sure the law states you can't even hold a handgun in a gun shop without a permit.
Call them up and ask.

PD's around here liek to play a little game of wait and hope. They sit on it and hope you forget about it.

The NHPD sat on mine for nearly 6 months. I got fed up and called them and of course they told me they had it right there on the desk and had been trying to get hold of me for weeks now. Maybe they should have tried the number on my application?
Good news on renewals

Good news on CT [non-resident] renewal, received mine 7 calendar days door to door. Best response I've seen from any state.
I'd call them. I believe they have to notify you after 60 or 90 days BY LAW. Course they might not if you dont bother them.
I had a hitch the first time I applied & it was 4 months before I called & they explained what was up. Had I not called I think they woulda just let it drop.
The second go round it was under 6o days & they called me to come get it.
Geting the permanant picture permit was a simple thing, took 15 minutes.

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