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More garbage from Kalafornia

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I know that there are some awesome people in that state, but I sure am glad I don't reside there. To many fanatics in political power.
It will be rather amusing to see this appellate court get put in its place at some point.
You know, I've never taken the time to ask this.
What is Arnold's stand on gun rights? Surely, he has to have some passion for guns. Without them, there wouldn't be action movies. And he wouldn't be so rich and powerful without them, now would he?:46:
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Does this mean that the PRK is going to become more gun friendly? I've noticed that the states with the loosest gun laws have the most stringent laws regarding home schooling and vice-versa. Case in point is Illinois. we all know about their arcane gun laws, but if you want to homeschool...just don't put them on the bus.
Here is a link to a petition to have the ruling delisted so that it can't be used as precedent.

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Even if you aren't a homeschooler, the right of the parent to decide what's best for our kids is partially what the 2nd Amendment was put in to protect.
We Home school

This Stinks! Thank God For the Gunshine state.
PS we have guns on the scholl house premisis (hehehehehehehe)

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