People palnning to vote to keep Hillary out of office


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Glad to see people don`t want to see her elected.Maybe americans are staring to wake up.We can only hope.

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I dearly hope that people are smarter than I believe most of them to be in this day and age. Clinton is the darling of the news media, and they are force feeding the population of this nation sound bite after sound bite, month after month, pushing thier choice onto the american public. Many citizens of this country believe everthing they see and hear on TV, and once the media can sway presidential elections, were are in serious trouble, for a few very wealthy people will control the fate of hundreds of millions. In my line of work 60-75% of everthing I am told is a lie, so I have a head start on evalutation of political canidates.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!:eek:


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Train for the worst and hope for the best. No clintons in the White house. Do you think they would bring back all they took?


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maybe I am too much the optimistic type, but I just cannot believe we will end up with Hilary in the White House (again). American citizens have another few years to go before that could even be possible.

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Hillary and her bunch, are counting on a bunch of ill informed young people, to carry her into the seat of the White House. Along of course all the liberal thinkers. Stand guard for our freedoms.


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Don't forget about the percentage of the population who would vote for the democratic candidate no matter what. And the regular welfare recipients, who will vote for whoever will keep their checks coming. And the voters who are registered in more than one voting district (apparently it's only a crime when it's committed by non-democrats).

Unless Hillary comes up with a plan to get more young people to register to vote, she won't be able to count on them to carry her (the percentage of people aged 18-25 who are registered is so ridiculously low).


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Y'know, for a long time many of us have echoed the cry, "When Guns are Outlawed, I'll be an Outlaw".

It may soon be turning time to Step Up...


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Well, if you had to choose between Democrats...would it be Hillary or Obama? What a choice. :eek:

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