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ok you have probably all came across a person who is against the second amendment, they say, "oh its about a militia, we dont need that any more we have national guard and police." now does anyone else agree with me that if someone is in your house with a gun to your familys head, that you cant afford to wait for the police or national guard?

i just want to say to everyone, you have the god given right to protect yourself and your family's well being no matter what, and damn anyone else who says otherwise


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Your right brother. Its like that guy in washinton DC who is a security guard. He wears a gun all day and serves and protects the people who work for the government. but when it comes time to go home for the day he has to lock his gun in a vault and leave it at work cause it's illegal to have guns there. As soon as he became a second class citizen you all of a sudden don't have a right to protect yourself. It is crazy.


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Oh make no mistake. I will call the police. After I have dealt with the situation myself.


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The militia vs. individual controversy is openly discussed in the Federalist Papers. The Founding Fathers were aware of the possibility for ambiguity, and wrote it that way knowing it would never be completely settled.

Writing it too biased towards corporate ownership would have left us with a "militia only" situation. Writing it too far towards individuals would allow powerful people to easily raise private militias. The latter was the situation in medieval Europe, and it resulted in lots of civil wars, coups, and general tyrrany.

What 2A opponents need to realize is that whether they like it or not, private ownership was well on the minds of the Founders.


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I think there is no doubt that the original framers of the Constitution were making a statement regarding the need to avoid a centralized government and its use of an army.

They had broken free from the tyranny of King George and were not about to allow a similar style of government arise in the colonies.

It was all about protecting the rights of the individuals and the individual states or colonies rights to assemble militias of free men to protect life and property.

The problem we have is that the judiciary in this country closes their eyes to the blatant misuse of power by Congress which was never theirs to take according to the constitution. I have heard it said in judicial circles that it is not their responsibility to police Congress, but the responsibility of the people to avoid placing politicians in power who will introduce unconstitutional laws.

On a side note, those who believe taking care of a situation before calling the police is wise, might want to rethink that position. If you have no time, then by all means deal with the situation, but if time allows for a quick call to 911, it is always good for LE to know that you are the victim and are in fear of your life. That way, when they show up and the BG is laying in a pool of congealed blood, you can simply remind them that he broke in, you believed him to be armed, were in fear for your life, and were forced to shoot. LE agencies keep the 911 tapes on file for at least 30 days, which would allow you to have a piece of evidence in your favor should you have an unsympathetic LEO or prosecutor.
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