Pennsylvania's updated permit reciprocity info


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AG Shapiro recently launched a new website to make clear what PA's reciprocity agreements are (Link Removed), most notably this makes clear that PA no longer accepts non-resident permits (they still do not offer reciprocity with NYS, as before, mainly b/c NYS offers no reciprocity back).

The reason I post this here is for New Yorkers who may have previously had permits (e.g. NH non-res permit) that used to be accepted in PA, but are no longer honored. If you're a NYS resident, you pretty much need to go get a PA non-res permit now, and that can vary widely between PA counties (they issue by county, same as NYS does). Lackawanna County will get you a non-res full carry permit in 5-10 mins for $20, provided you have a NYS unrestricted resident permit and a driver's license (or other state ID). I would definitely recommend visiting their sheriff's office if you're either traveling through Scranton or live w/i an hour or two. I was in and out of there in no time, no fingerprints needed, and I was issued the permit instantly (no waiting period).

So for those of you who don't already have reciprocity in PA but you have a full NYS or NYC resident permit, it's worth the trip. ;)

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