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Hey Jimmy Carter was a swell president, well he DID give a young/dumb Spec-4 version of me and all my comrades in arms the biggest % pay raise we ever had so we kinda forgave him (NOT) for letting 3,000+ Iranian armed 'students' hold our 66 embassy staff for 444 days of eating Persian crow feathers & seeing daily news of screaming happy mobs chanting 'Death to America!' with scared shitless hostages doing T.V. interviews did wonders for our morale, NOT! Endless talks, chats, and pleas to let them go, international outcry, all talk no action. They got the global PR coup of the decade! Then a strange thing happened, the very day that Ronald Reagan took office (January 20, 1981).....they were freed. Strange coincidence that! I guess the students realized what our new CiC's first executive order may have been. We sure did suddenly re-painting all our tactical vehicles from fresh black & white cammo for normal winter ops into desert tan coats? All the briefs changed from Soviet movements & new BMP's, to Muslim topics which made for some interesting barracks rumors, that turned into an op-order that had Desert One gone down as planned our unit was heading to Persia, not Grafenwoehr, Vilseck or Hohenfels, cool, much warmer place in April 1980!
Recently (23 April 2008) aging Jimmy-C has been visiting these same sods with much warmth and camaraderie. The most extraordinary outburst came from Israel’s United Nations ambassador, Dan Gillerman, who told journalists that Carter "went to the region with soiled hands and came back with bloody hands after shaking the hand of Khaled Meshal, the leader of Hamas." In actual military strength, numbers, organization & Iranian backing/funds Hamas makes A-Q look like 2nd-rate players. Or so some 'experts' on the terror game have been yelling at deaf ears in DC.
Come to find out that old Jimmy has now endorsed a strange one Osama, sorry Obama bin running for president and promising the best for all Yanks, but ducking the how it plays out part. Muslim oil cash is great stuff to line pockets and make for one hell of a retirement fund, or more peanuts than Planter ever produced. :tiopatinhas:
Way OT post, but Jimmy you kind of let the younger Muslim student named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, now President of Iran, 'No such thing as a Holocaust' informed chap who must have skipped WWII as a CIA fabrication in university kinda guy and his M8's rub our nose in camel-shit for fourteen months so I guess it's kiss 'n make up time for old foes.
In somewhat related news Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Tuesday Iran's nuclear program must be stopped by "all possible means" and Tehran must be made to see it would suffer devastating repercussions if it pursued atomic weapons. Now wouldn't that be interesting if with their 150 fissile and boo-coo conventional gear they could finish what Ronny-R had planned for Tehran in the Cold War winter of 1981 but they folded I guess when NORAD hit DEFCON-2 & our Soviet 'friends' in Tehran who monitored these things told young Mahmoud that mushroom clouds may be heading his way.
Not a thread worth much input when it comes to CCW anything I guess, but just thought I'd chuck it up here for the hell of it :10:

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