Peachtree City Employee Shoots Wife, Twice, Gets Administrative Leave


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A Peachtree City government employee is on administrative leave after shooting his wife twice Thursday morning.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the employee, William McCollom called 911 just after 4 a.m. Thursday saying he had accidentally shot his wife, Margaret, at their home on Autumn Leaf.

Margaret McCollom, 58, was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center, where she is listed in critical condition.

The GBI is handling the investigation.

The city manager placed McCollom on leave pending the completion of the investigation and an internal review.

McCollom had been a city employee since 2012.

The Fayette County District Attorney and the GBI are holding a news conference at 2 p.m. We plan to stream it live on

As the city employee was placed on paid leave and not arrested, would anyone care to speculate on McCollom's job with the city was?

It could have been an unintentional shooting. But, someone should confiscate his weapons in the meantime. Either he shot her on purpose or he shot her unintentionally. Either way he shouldn't possess a firearm until it is resolved and if unintentional, he shouldn't have possession of a firearm until he is properly trained at the very least, if ever again.
I'm fairly sure it was unintentional (or rather, negligent). Reports are that she was asleep at the time and that it was only one wound,not two.
My concern is, would someone who special have been treated the same?
Seems sorta fishy to me. He's been around firearms all of his adult life, and undoubtedly had a great deal of training in handgun safety.
There's not enough published info to make an informed conclusion. We're forced to wait and see what the GBI says, but at the very least he should have known better than to point any loaded weapon in the direction of anything he wasn't willing to shoot.

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