Peaceable Journey Law


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Wich states honer this law,that is to pass through their state with a loaded pistol,(not to carry it on your person out side of car),but to,and from your temp. housing on your trip.Any help on this subject be greatly appricated.

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Us 926a

Technically, all states are supposed to honor a federal statute. Go to and click on "RV/Car carry" on the left side. That will take you to "Code of Federal Regulations - Title 18 - Part I - Chapter 44 - Paragraph 926A: Interstate Transportation of Fire Arms, 3-8-2005. Print out the paragraph, and put it in your car. In essence, any state that restricts your right to have a fire arm in your car while peacably transiting said state, is supposed to allow that/those fire arms safe passage, if properly unloaded, locked up and out of reach. Some states (NY, NJ, and others may not treat you well, even so). IANAL, so research carefully before transiting any questionable state.
Missouri had such a law on the books before concealed carry law was enacted, now anyone who can legally possess firearms can carry a loaded weapon, concealed in their car without a concealed permit.
peaceable journey law

Does Alabama have a "Peaceable Journey Law" that will allow me carry my pistol through that state on my way to another state?

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