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Clinging to God and guns

This is the Patriot Standard, author: Unknown


Lately I have talked to quite a few people who claim to be patriots. Matter a fact it seems to be all the rage toady to wave the flag and claim to be some form of patriot. However in my opinion most of these people are lying to themselves and everyone around them. Quite simply in my opinion a patriot is someone who supports and defends the constitution of the United States of America, that means every amendment and every right granted by god and enumerated in the bill of rights. It doesn't mean you support the constitution except for the Amendments you don't like. That would just make you another permutation of Demo-Marxist or Neo-Fascist. Quite simply a patriot is someone who takes their duty as a citizen of the United States seriously. They uphold the law of the land even when it comes to Illegal Immigration and seek to lessen the interference of Government upon our lives because they know that our government has extended beyond the reach of its constitutional authority.

Good patriots stand up and take responsibility for their actions and for themselves, they keep a good rifle with enough ammunition to supply it in their homes because they know that someday they may be called upon to defend the rights they hold so dear. Real patriots store enough food and water in their home to be prepared for whatever misfortune they find themselves in and do not plan on letting the government take care of them should the worst happen. Real patriots know that respect is earned not legislated or given away and seek to be an example to others through clean living and by holding true to their values, they know that by doing this they will command the respect of those around them. Patriots never demand that an opinion or belief offensive to their own be silenced or corralled into "free speech zones". Nor do patriots seek to dictate the lives of others, interfere with their enjoyment of their rights, or try to tell others what they need and don't need. Patriots understand that a man doesn't need a hand out. That he needs to be given an opportunity to work for an honest wage and that eventually when he is hungry enough and cold enough from sitting outside in the rain he will work. Lastly patriots always questions the motives and actions of their government because they know that if they do not do so they will become that governments servants instead of the government rightfully being their servant.

If you can't say honestly in your heart that you meet the above description you sir are not a patriot.

If you only have a weeks food in your pantry because you spend your money going to clubs and buying fancy electronics thinking that the government will take care of you in the worst of times you are not a patriot, you are a consumer slave..

If you think that respect must be legislated and not earned you sir are not a patriot.

If you think that opposing views no matter how offensive deserve to be silenced in order to bring harmony to our world you sir are not a patriot.

If you think hand outs and welfare are ok and not an unjustifiable punitive tax on our most productive members of society, you sir are not a patriot.

If you think our government is infallible and must be obeyed without question, you sir are not a patriot.

If you think that our borders and national sovereignty are not worth defending and that we have a responsibility to put the welfare of other nations before our own, you sir are not a patriot.

If you live in debt to support a lifestyle you cannot afford, you sir are not a patriot.

If you hire illegal aliens so that you can save a few dollars, you sir are not a patriot.

Lastly if you feel that nothing is worth fighting and dying for and that there is no way we the people could bring our public servants back under our rightful control, you sir are not a patriot.

In conclusion I am tired of hearing from Demo-Marxists and Neo-Fascists how patriotic they are. The fact is they are not patriots they are the cancer that is devouring this great nation, they are the same people who will never question authority or hold it accountable, they are the same people who spend all their money on flashy jewelry, expensive consumer electronics and mortgages they cannot afford. They are not true to their word and often do not repay their debts. Every hurricane season you will see the loudest of these "patriots" in the government handout lines because they refuse to prepare even though they know full well that they live in an area prone to disaster.

I am a patriot and I am tired of carrying the dead weight of subjects on my back, I am tired of paying taxes so the lame and lazy can sit at home and watch TV. I am tired of these same lame and lazy subjects demanding I surrender my rights because they think that if I do the trains will run on time. I am tired of being told I will respect this group of people whether they have earned it or not because the government says I have to. I am sick of hearing these same people say that we have no right to defend our borders or our precious national sovereignty. I am sick of hearing about companies who value the dollar more than liberty and displace Americans from honest work byhiring illegal aliens. Lastly I fear for my children who will have to live with the consequences of these subjects actions and decisions.


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all i can say is....

AWESOME +1!!!!!!! may need to copy and paste. or if you can provide a link to download......:yu:


Not Negotiable, A Right
I am (until March) at the military's whim, so some of this I cannot do. But after that, when I don't work for them anymore I will complete the rest of these things


Clinging to God and guns
I am (until March) at the military's whim, so some of this I cannot do. But after that, when I don't work for them anymore I will complete the rest of these things

Since you are serving our country, I would say that you already qualify:wink:

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