Patrick seeks to toughen gun laws


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"The administration wants to limit legal gun purchases to one every 30 days, a change intended to cut down on mass gun purchases by people who then sell the guns to people who cannot qualify to own firearms."
What legally licensed person in there right mind would chance a purchase, and have the fire arm registered in their name, finger print checked in the dealer's store, and then sell it to a felon!!

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"The plan would also require that private gun sales be overseen by a licensed gun dealer, so the transaction could be immediately entered into government records."
Doesn’t that already happen when you legally purchase? What is wrong with these law makers????? They obviously never witnessed the process!! Please someone correct me if I am wrong. Now I am all for the idea of holding a criminal for 90 days when an illegal firearm is used in a crime, good for you Mr. Governor, but the hell are these people thinking? Just wnat to get an opinion.

You’re right on! I am all for criminals being held and slapped with charges. However, there is a big difference between a criminal....and a legal person exercising his/her 2A right. I know that here in PRMA if you own a firearm, you are looked down upon. It shouldn't be that way. I don't know if you have checked out GOALS bill that is heading to the house for voting.

Here is the link: Link Removed

I don't see how any NEW laws will stop the illegal flow of firearms. Criminals don't get guns by buying them from people who follow the process and get finger printed and then have that firearm in his/her name (I am sure it has happened but I am almost positive it doesn't happen often). Criminal's steal and will always use weapons in the crime they commit; a weapon is a tool for their "job". Sad but true!

Law makers to me think only for themselves and don't make logical laws or ideas. In my eyes, they only make laws they think will earn them brownie points with the public. We need to vote this crew out!
I mean I understand the BPD/ATF/FBI do not want advertise they are around, but why not send a rep from each agency to these meetings and update the community on at least the basic things THEY are doing to stop the illegal flow of guns. One sided I guess. Sorry, just venting.
its all good man. It annoys the hell out of me living in this state in seeing what goes on. I am praying that GOAL's Bill gets passed. Only then can we expect change...true change.
capo, what ever happened to that law.........One year in jail mandatory if found with an illegal firearm in possesion? I don't think I've seen this happen once!
I have no clue! Whats up with this state anyways? We make laws, don't enforce them at all, and then make more laws which probably won't get enforced either. I pray that GOALs bill gets passed and things change around here. We need a change here in PRMA. This is STILL a STATE (Well Commonwealth) in the United States of America. The 2A should be held true here like in other States.

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