Path to carry conceal for a NY resident who wants out


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I have lived in NY all my life, and currently go to college outside of the state in Pennsylvania. I have no intention of staying in New York after I graduate, but have not ever lived anywhere else long enough to become a resident.

I am only 20 years old, which prevents me from applying for a license in New York. Because I am not a resident of PA, where I live most of the year, I can only apply for a PA CCW license (usually only 18+ requirement) if I have a license in my state of residence.

Because my college strictly prohibits firearms on the campus, I do not really want to carry this coming year anyhow. However, I will be commuting from a relatively dangerous off campus location the following year when I am 21, and would feel safer carrying when off campus.

If I apply over next summer in NY, my understanding is that without demonstrated need, I will only be able to get a license for my home/place of work/etc. Will this be enough to allow me to get a legitimate, non-neutered CCW license in PA the following fall?

Also, is there a way to legally begin instruction or training in New York as a 20 year old? I would like to do so now so that I need to spend less time before I am qualified to actually carry in PA.

You can take the course in NY before age 21 and get it out of the way, then submit application once you turn 21. Depending on the county, they may issue you a restricted permit, which will probably hang you up getting licenses elsewhere. However it is a good reason to mention to a judge for lifting restrictions.


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It really depends on where your county of residence is in NY. I live in Ontario County and received a permit with no restrictions quite easily. Actually, I personally don't know of anyone who has restrictions in Ontario County. Depending on your county, you could very well receive a non-restricted permit more easily than you think.

As has been said, if your residence in is in a county that requires a class you can ask the instructor if he/she will take you before 21 and then just wait until you are 21 to submit your permit application.

As far as PA, once you get it your fine. You need a permit from your state to get the PA non-resident, but PA doesn't have restrictions of any kind. Once you get your PA license, you can carry concealed.

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