Parents: Teacher silenced son on hunting

Sounds like we have an uptight teacher that needs to loosen up a bit

And a couple of parents that need to do the same.

How bout we make a fedral case out of everything?

We cant have anyone singled out can we? It's not politicaly correct to do so, right?

Mom/Dad-Get a life, you wanna homeschool your son.....GOOD FOR YOU!

Teacher-Time to find a new profession if you dont want to allow 10 year olds to talk.

I had a teacher like that in High School.....I was a senior in French IV (top of my class) and the teacher was (and still is) a RAVING lunatic liberal. I was showing my buddies online the new Hawken .50 cal muzzleloader I was buying, she saw it, and absolutely FLIPPED. GET THOSE GUNS OFF OF MY COMPUTER!!!!! Had I been looking at porn, she would've showed me about 5 other places to go. I ignored her until my conversation was over.
I thought we paid teachers to teach, not provide editorial comments.

QUOTE=festus;27798]I had to learn how to verbally abuse a person as part of my military training. The Idea is not to curse and not to say the same thing twice. If you do this you to will be able to joust with:

Socially impaired, hoplo-phobic, narrow minded, egotistical, ignoramous's that have delusions of adequacy with narcissistic elitism (also known as a childish hissy fit throwing sissyfied tantrum tossing, pouting little sorry excuse for a human being that is doing nothing more than sucking up good air and depriving a village somewhere of an idiot).

In summation an individual so stupid that they are sucking the intelligence out of every living thing within 30 feet of them and should be considered a danger to the mental wellbeing of others.[/QUOTE]
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