Parade magazine vote on gun laws

I just love the way anti-gun people scream bloody murder anytime someone suggests that gun laws increase violent crimes.
My question is if the poles keep showing 90+ are pro gun then why do we have so many laws controlling the guns, and why are we fighting so hard to keep the rights we do have? I did vote too.
Voted still 94%, they will never publish this survey as they will not get the answer they were fishing for!
Splitting hairs

94%? 93%? Are we splitting hairs? :lol:
90-some-odd-% of any vote on the side of 2A rights is a good vote!
I would love to seem them publish this, very doubtful but still wishing. If only people voted like this, we wouldn't be facing the problems we are today. Gotta love America.
94% and I wasn't allowed to click on the "Vote" button, so I guess the poll is closed. I wanted to add that there is the equivalent to a college massacre every minute on U.S. roadways, and if we would just take away everyone's car, if only one life was saved, it would be worth it. :sarcastic:

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