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I'm just setting here at my desk this morning drinking coffee and I thought I would start something. :laugh: I have read a lot of post about what people carry but I don't think I've seen anyone say that they carry a Para. Me thinks to myself, why? Are we Para people quite and shy? Or do we want to keep a good thing to ourselves?

OK! Here goes, I carry a Para Carry. I think this is the best gun ever! 45 cal, I love big and slow. The LDA system is one of the best dao triggers I've ever felt. Easy to concel but a little heavy at 30 ozs unloadeed. I will get into later why I chose a dao over a da/sa or sao

However, I think this is enough to start the hate mail from all the Glock, Smith, Ruger, etc owners. :biggrin:

I have a Stainless Steel P10 45 acp. It's a great little shooter but for me its a little heavy for carry. 31oz unloaded is a little heavy and loaded 10+1 it's really heavy. I do carry it in the winter sometimes though and when I feel a few more rounds than 5+1 may be in my best interest.:wink: I've been looking for a Warthog for a while. At 24oz it a little lighter than my P10.
It's all about $$$$$. I've shot them and they are VERY nice, but I can buy 2, not quite as nice for the same money. When money isn't an issue, they are on my short list.
I carry a P13 had it since1997. I love it but, it's a hard gun to carry in the spring/summer. I carry it in a shoulder rig. I just bought a G19 love it as well better for lighter clothing carry. It was my 1st handgun and you never forget your 1st.


I still love her.
The only reason I don't currently own a Para Warthog is that it doesn't have an ambidextrous safety. I may order one though.
I used to carry a P-12.45 alloy frame, this gun is like the lightest officer's model I've ever handled, plus it holds 12+1.

Now I carry a Sig 228 and of course a j frame smith.

I'm just more comfortable with 9mm now than .45, for soooo many reasons.

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