Papa John's says "no guns" but....


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May have had a change of heart in one incident where a female delivery driver was car jacked while on duty and she fired back hitting the POS punk in the face however her car remains missing from an accomplice in the attack. She apparently was fired due to company policy for using her gun in self defense but has been given another position within the store due to public outrage online. I hope the perp is permanently disfigured and lost 40 of his 50 IQ points.

If I owned a pizza shop I would encourage my employees to carry while delivering and while not for that matter.

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I think most if not all, as far as I know but what do I know, I'm glad I'm retired now. Life is good.


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I didn't take it that way FFC, no worries ;) I think a lot of posts are double or tripled because of rephrasing of titles or putting them in the wrong categories. Doing a query though every time to see if something has been posted yet gets time consuming so I think people get somewhat complacent and lazy including myself.


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I mean let's look at this in a reasonable way. She was a pizza delivery person. It is a job that is always in the news for people being robbed and assaulted. The question is....Do I really want to put my life on the line over a pizza? I would say if I could not find a better job, I would carry. Better yet why deliver pizza's for a Co. that doesn't care about the safety of their employees. I think there are better and safer jobs out there that don't require you to use your own vehicle and gas to make a profit for the employer. I don't know of any pizza shop that furnishes Co. vehicles to their deliver people. If so they are rare. The benefit is for the pizza shop. no liability, no law suits. low pay. Just profit.

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