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Saw this on a news article and had to check it out. Has anyone used this or seen it before? What are your thoughts? Link below

The Palm Pistol

Looks more like a "suicide gun" than anything else. If their intention was truly SD, they would have built a gun that shoots more than 1 round. In case they didnt' realize it, when in a SD situation, it often takes more than 1 round to stop a threat, especially when firing 9mm. I'm sure this thing doesn't reload very quick either. OTOH, think about how many times someone serious about suicide "misses". I've never seen a suicide where more than one round was fired. Something to think about.

This is an attempt to sell guns to folks wanting a DIY suicide kit. If these guns become a preferred suicide method, I'm sure the "anti" element will be using against the pro 2A people like us.

I wouldn't get one myself, particularly at that price.

But, it does have a niche application. Very old, bedridden or severely handicapped people may find it useful as an absolute last resort. It seems to be meant for people who can't pull a trigger.

If a thug breaks in, kills their caretaker, and is approaching their bed...well, it's the Palm Pistol or nothing. At the very least, a serious wound might send them running.

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