Painting front sights.


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I have a couple of pistols I want to paint the front sights on. Both are flat black now. Changing sights isn't an option right now.
I've read about folks using white out but I'dlike something that will last a while. What kind of paint will last the longest?


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I personally use fingernail polish. I have heard of a lot of guys using model car paint as well. Depending on the sight, I may paint it with the included brush, a toothpick, or a q-tip. I usually use 2 coats of white followed by maybe 2 coats of a bright orange. That may need adjusted, depending on the color, brand, desired look, etc. Some guys cover it with a clear coat afterward. Both fingernail polish and model car paint are cheap and available in a wide variety of colors and matte or shiny effects. It just may require a little experimentation on your end.


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For me model car paint and they clear coat to protect it.

You could also use powder coating. I have a friend who used this..


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I used white automotive paint and it worked great and held up good. I recently bought some fluorescent green spray paint at Lowe's and used that. I haven't shot it yet but it looks great.

Capt Cook

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Fingernail polish worked fine on my Buckmark. Over a year now with several cleanings & it hasn't come off one bit.


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I have used the automotive paint. The type used to fill in scratches on your car. White or yellow has worked good for me.


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Automotive white touch-up paint on my RIA front site. If it comes off, put some more on. After shooting, I double check everything. I have not had to add more paint since the second time. I didn't get it cleaned well enough the first try.


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White car touch up paint on my LCR. Clean with rubbing alcohol first. Has held up great for me.


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On a lighter note, my granddaugher paints my fingernails and toenails with the same polish. The look is just maahvelous and very coordinated.


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This was a brilliant idea and I am glad it was brought up. I can't afford really good sights and my 1911 is a knock-off that is not above "paint" so now I have awesome whiteout and orange glow in the dark sights. LOL They work like a champ. I never would have thought of just coloring in the parts I want to see.
If I might ask, why?
I bought 3 or 4 brands of gun sight paint, was not happy with any of them. I'm sure i spend more than 100 bucks, nail polish works and it's cheaper. I painted my 357 sight 20 yrs ago and the sight paint I used then was great. Wish I could remember what I used and had some.

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