Packing Heat - No Apologies

This Utah group understands and makes no apologies.

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That is a good article.They are also lucky to have a local newspaper that shows them execising their right to carry in a positive way.
Thanks for posting that. It is always nice to read something positive like this. I am very impressed that a newspaper actually printed this.

Did you read some of the comments people were leaving about that article? People just don't get it! One lady said if she walked into a restaurant and saw someone with a gun on their hip she would leave. Fine with me! Go to some gun free zone so the criminals will bypass my restaurant and hit the easy target. Also, comments about the typical "If you carry and are constantly checking your surroundings you’re just paranoid!"

Wake up people we are not the bad guys!! Oh and for all the anti’s that post figures about how many innocent bystanders that got mowed down by CCW holder defending themselves, lets see you sources……… Oh you don’t have any. You just hard it somewhere! That’s what I thought!

Sorry for the rant. I know I’m preaching to the choir just some of the comments just rubbed me wrong.
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If I ever move from Missouri, sounds like Utah would be my top pick. I like how those people think.:)
Did you read some of the comments people were leaving about that article? People just don't get it! .

I absolutely think that the comment about Sara Brady is such a joke. The lady says she is safe without a gun because Sara Brady's website says so. (implying that guns cause crime) Oh, and the kicker...I have 911 on speed dial and criminals will run away as soon as I start dialing! Umm, give me a break!

Having lived in Utah for 20 years, I was shocked to hear some of the responses. Having a gun and carrying it legally is such common news here where I live. I definitely don't live in any city like "Dodge City" (as some critics commented) but I know several people [personally] that have been shot at (not LEO) and/or used their CCW. Anyone that criticizes gun owners about being paranoid or psychologically unstable are clearly unaware of their surroundings.

Let's see, in the last three years all of these events have occurred in a low-crime city of 120,000 people:

A man high on meth jumps out of a bush and fires a .357 multiple times through my friend's windshield missing him by inches.

A friend's cousin was pumping gas in which a man approached him and put a knife to his throat. He in turn drew his pistol and then criminal ran away.

A man left a bank to get into his car and somebody put a knife to his throat and he also, in turn, drew his pistol.

Multiple armed robberies.

Well, even in a low-crime area, having a gun and knowing how to use it isn't all that paranoid, but informed.
KWO51, that is an important thing to note. They do mostly look like you and me. You never know who you are dealing with.

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