PA/FL reciprocity issue


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PA no longer accepts nonresident FL CCW license, per careful reading of new PA agreement. The map on this site does not reflect this. This is significant to many carriers in the Northeast. How can this be announced and the map corrected ?


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I don't see any contact info for informing the site maintainers of changes.

No disrespect to the site here, but far and away you find the most up to date information on Including the PA/FL change, which is effective 6/8/13.


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The actual agreement stating that FL licenses issued to FL residents will be accepted takes effect 2-1-2013. The AG statement about 6-8-2013 seems to apply only to PA residents carrying in PA with only a FL license. A nonresident of PA and FL carrying in PA with a FL license, as has been commonly done, could well end up discussing the fine points of this with a PA State Policeman late at night. Whatever the case, there should be advance notice so residents of, say NYS, can make other licensing arrangements.


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I'M a NJ resident ,who has a florida non-resident ccw, permit , if you dont know the story,here's what happened,a fellow had his PA. resident ccw, revoked, he went and applied for a fla. non-res. permit.caught some kid breaking into his car in Phila.PA. and shot the kid 13 times, turns out that the new AG in PA. IS Kathlene Kane, i'm hearing that she was backed by mayor of new york michael bloomberg,need i say more. here is the response i got from the AG's office in Harrisburg, Pa Thank you for your recent email to this office regarding the closing of the "Florida Loophole." As you may be aware this office has reciprocity agreements with a number of states which permit residents of those states to carry their concealed weapon in the Commonwealth. The difference with Florida is that imprecise language in the agreement allowed for an unintended result. Specifically, Pennsylvania residents who were not residents of Florida were permitted to obtain a Florida permit and bypass Pennsylvania law. More importantly, many of these Pennsylvania residents had already been denied a concealed carry permit after applying in Pennsylvanian because of criminal associations known to law enforcement. This new reciprocity agreement is reflective of what the law intended and has no effect on Pennsylvania residents who have a valid license to carry a concealed weapon in the Commonwealth.

It should be emphasized that the new reciprocity agreement is supported by dozens of Police Chiefs and Mayors across the Commonwealth and fixes this long overdue anomaly. This agreement will help keep guns in the hands of responsible gun owners and not individuals who simply want to skirt Pennsylvania Law. Any Pennsylvania resident who now has a Florida permit to carry a concealed weapon can apply for a concealed carry permit in Pennsylvania, and if they meet the requirements outlined in Pennsylvania law can receive their permit to carry in the Commonwealth. Their Pennsylvania permit to carry will also be recognized by Florida.

To reemphasize; Pennsylvania residents with Pennsylvania concealed weapon permits may continue to carry here and in Florida. In your specific instance a person form New Jersey who has a Florida permit and not a resident of Florida will not have that carried concealed permit honored in Pennsylvania.

On behalf of Attorney General Kane I want to thank you for contacting this Office.

John Tokarczyk, Legislative Liaison


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Makes sense, shooting a kid 13 times for breaking into your car does not make sense, unless there is something more to the story.


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The PA liberals introduced the "Harrisburg Gun Bill" to the State legislature back in 2010 and LOST! So what do they do? Circumvent the will of the people and use some form of "executive action" to make this law. That's the M.O. of the liberal party, "Give them what they want or they'll take it from you".


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I live in NYS and have a NH and ME License are they still valid in PA? or are they next on the chopping block

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