Outrage over Newtown fathers past!!!


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Please read this article and forward it to all anti 2nd amendment politicians!! This was their poster boy!!
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The left isn't outraged because this guy has been exposed. Their out raged because the pro gun special interests took a page out of their play book and used it against them. How dare they! :sarcastic:
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. He did and now his past has been shown. The truth is, he can't legally buy a gun.
Getting what he deserves, the truth be told.

People who have experienced tragedies don't think people are going to look that closely at them but will focus on the event and the tragedy.
But when people like this open their mouth and draw attention to themselves they open the door (a big one in this case) and allow closer inspection to their lives and history. This person should never have opened his mouth at all to attack anything outside the parameters of the tragic event.
In my opinion he is getting what he deserves, he knows it but will protest loudly because he is an idiot looking for a payday from the death of his child.
[Connecticut Carry released a “rap sheet” of Neil Heslin, listing his multiple arrests for driving under the influence and conviction for felony narcotics possession. The group also published a document entitled “Neil Heslin’s Troubled Past,” which included lawsuits related to foreclosure, collection efforts, and child support.]
The real problem is he will more than likely get one (a payday) and that is what is wrong with our society today rewarding people for their failures in general.
“A felon within arm’s reach of the president of the administration so dead set on background checks. No better testimony to how ineffective background checks are needs to be presented.”
Oh, the irony! This went very well with my late-morning coffee!!

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