Out For Delivery!!!!!!!!


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Received!!!!!!!! (updated "out For Delivery")

I'm SOOOO stoked! Placed the order 3 or 4 weeks ago, and now my DeSantis "Cozy Partner" IWB holster is OUT FOR DELIVERY! Pictures coming soon!!!!!!!

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Congrats! I still have a few more weeks of waiting for my new toy. Post some pics and let us know how you like it!
Congrats. I'm still waiting on my Crossbreed to ship, so I know how the waiting feels. Hope you like it and let us know how much.
Well, the box was there before I got home from work. Apparently, my wife thought I had some clutter that needed to be sorted through, so she put it all ON TOP of the box. I walked up and said, "FedEX come yet?" Not, "Hey babe...how was your day." Not, "Good to see you...". "FedEX come yet?"

After I corrected myself and greeted her properly, she tells me that the pile of junk is on TOP of the box so I have to go through that before I can open the box. "Yeah, sure."

Move stack of junk & tear into box.

Unsling old, nylon, P.O.S. holster & check my gun to make sure it's a proper fit. HUH? I thought it'd be a custom-made rig. Apparently, it fits all sorts of stuff & the profile looks like it was made for a different gun (I carry a Beretta 9000s). Oh well, try it out. Fits nice, seems a little loose. I dial down on the tensioner screw & it grips OK, not loose, but not as tight as I expected. Wrench down on it some more. A little better, so I jump around looking like a fool to see if it'll move at all. No problems. So I wear it around the house all night and notice that it rides much higher than what I'm used to. I'm constantly pushing it down. HOWEVER, I can actually fit my whole hand around the grip, even when it's still fully holstered. NICE.

Old holster was crap, and the grip rode along the waistband of my pants. Gun was there, but difficult to get. NOW, I can draw VERY quickly (as I've drawn on every mirror I've come across.....) and I can 1-hand reholster. NEVER been able to do that.

Bottom line, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get a custom fit to the 9000s, but I'll take what I've got. I think the most frustrating thing that I discovered is that I COULD'VE BOUGHT THE SAME HOLSTER IN TOWN 6 MONTHS AGO! Oh well...I'll update more at the end of the day. I've already worked a bunch outside, and retention seems pretty worthwhile. Last night, as I "sat upon my throne", the holster flopped upside down, but didn't dump the gun. Pictures will be forthcoming.

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